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  • The most cost effective solution on the market for pollution problems caused by domestic sewage.

    How does the ClearPodTM system work?

    The system works through the development of aerobic and anaerobic microbial biofilms inside the septic system. Recent scientific studies have shown the benefits of aerobic and anaerobic treatment to enhance the elimination of pollutants in wastewater. The aerobic biofilm developed in the ClearPodTM bio-column works in synergy with the microbes present in the septic system for enhanced removal of nitrogen-based carbon and pollutants.

    Cow can I adapt the ClearPodTM system to my sceptic tank?

    The system can be easily fitted in the chamber of a typical septic system. The system has a maximum diameter of 0.46 m that enables easy integration with the existing septic system which typically have an inlet opening ranging from 0.50 m to 0.60 m..

    How long will the ClearPodTM system last?

    The ClearPodTM system is designed for a robust and reliable operation. The system is designed without any moving parts and the internal biological column of the film is fixed. Once mounted, it regenerates itself without any addition of complements. If you contract the yearly TECASOL maintenance service, we guarantee a long lifespan of the system (>10 years) free of faults.

    How much energy does the ClearPodTM system use? Is it energy-efficient?

    It uses pumps of between 6 and 11 W resulting in a very low energy use. Normal operation is equivalent to 8 Keh/month (kWh @ 20c) = €1.60

    CHow often do i have to drain the sludge of my septic system when the ClearPodTM system is installed?

    The system must be drained as often as without the ClearPodTM system installed. It is recommended that septic systems are drained every 2 - 3 years. When draining the system, be sure to move the ClearPodTM unit away from any pumping equipment used by the technician.

    How can I check that my ClearPodTM system is working properly?

    The ClearPodTM system is designed to work over a period of 12 months without maintenance after installation. To check if your system is working:
    1. Listen if the pump is in operation.
    2. Check the inside of your septic system for air bubbles

    CHow much domestic waste water does a ClearPodTM clean?

    A ClearPodTM unit ensures the cleaning of up to 1,500 litres of domestic waste water a day (used on average by a family of 5 or 6 people). The resulting effluent has a water quality of Table II (see RD 486/1986). It can be discharged in rivers or fields or used for watering house plants.

    Does the ClearPodTM system diminish the odours generated in a septic tank?

    The bad odours from septic systems are caused by sulphate reducing bacteria and the generation of hydrogen sulphide (H2S). The ClearPodTM system increases the concentration of oxygen dissolved in the septic system and as a result inhibits the growth of hydrogen sulphide (H_2 S) and kills the bacteria that cause bad odours.

    What precautions should be taken to secure the correct operation of the pump of the ClearPodTM system?

    The air pump of the ClearPodTM system requires a constant supply of air to successfully deliver oxygen to the septic system. In the event that the pump is covered by leaves, snow or other debris, it is recommended to momentarily shut down the system; otherwise simply provide a cover ensuring a correct air supply.

    What is the advantage of the ClearPodTM system over other technologies?

    Current technological solutions are often expensive and require the current septic system to be replaced which entails renovation works and discomfort. The ClearPodTM unit is a retro-fit technology, scientifically validated and designed to improve the performance of already installed traditional septic tanks that generate pollution problems. At present we can say that this solution is the most viable available on the market.