Products - MobiSun

  • The most practical solution of the market for temporary storage and transport of electrical energy.

    Main features

    Silent, without smoke and emissions

    A single person required for handling and operation

    Trailer wheel for positioning in the sun

    Hydraulic drive for angular positioning

    Retains energy for more than 2 days without charging, up to 7kW/h/day of storage

    High efficiency and low maintenance voltage inverter

    Quality sine wave for sensitive electronics

    Remote control, via LAN and Internet

    Ready to connect to the mains or a diesel generator

    Battery storage option

    Rigid design and transportable to any area

    Technical features

    • Dimensions for transport: 213 x 487 x 137cm

    • W x L x H: 7' x 16' x 4.5'

    • Dimensions extended: 213 x 487 x 274cm

    • W x L x H: 7' x 16' x 9'

    • Weight: 1,815 kg - 2 tons - 4,000 lbs

    • oltage inverter: 4kW Rated

    • Batteries: 10 x 250AHr AGM

    • Voltage: 24VDC

    • Storage capacity: 1,250 AHr (30kWhrs)

    • Photovoltaic panels: 8 x 260W Poly

    • Peak value (PV): 2.08 kW

    • Available voltages: Inputs: 120VAC /220VAC / 12VDC / USB Output: 220VAC Grid

    • Remote control: Yes

    • Suitable generator: Yes with Auto GenStart

    • In/Out network suitable: RSi @ 220VAC 1PH