Products - Power Panel - Portable Storage Tank

  • The most practical solution on the market for temporary storage of all kinds of liquids and solids.


    The Power Panel storage tank offers a high capacity for thermal storage. Designed to be easily assembled and disassembled, its portability and modularity enable it to be used in a wide range of sectors: agriculture, fisheries, industry, construction, military, NGO's, aquaculture/fish farms, recovery in natural disasters, regions with limited accessibility, retention of rain water...

    Features and benefits

    Patented design.

    Lightweight, modular design for easy installation and transport.

    EPP plastic provides enhanced thermal insulation, rigidity and is impact resistant resulting in a better performance of thermal efficiency than standard tanks.

    The sturdy recyclable materials last longer, weigh less and are rustproof; available in custom colours.

    The design, wide-based and resistant, optimises the weight loads.

    Industry-leading storage capacity of 1,320 litres.

    The inner interchangeable bag enables a flexible use of the tank for different liquids, solids (grain), organics (fish, shellfish), offering solutions to an endless number of sectors.

    An independent thermal storage (hot and cold) is possible

    Modules of up to 6 pumps per tank allow multiple pumping to different areas from a single point.

    CTechnical features

    • Capacity: 1,320 litres

    • Frame: EPP

    • Inner bag: Vinyl

    • Height: 1.2 metres

    • Width: 1.5 metres

    • Weight: 15 kg

    • Insulation: R-16